A Little More on Bloating…

My friend and colleague, Lisa Taylor, had some more helpful advice regarding bloating:
If you notice that you are having a lot of bloating when eating bread or pasta, this is a sign that your body does not like flour. It could be a mild food sensitivity/allergy, a gluten intolerance or a Candida albicans (yeast overgrowth) issue or even a that your stomach isn’t producing enough stomach acid (HCl). 80% of people over the age of 30 have low stomach acid, yet another thing that declines as we age!

What I would suggest to you is that you cut out flour products for 2-3 weeks to see how you feel. Then, after 2-3 weeks, try flour products again and see how you feel. If you notice that same reaction then you would be best to cut flour products out completely.

To be more precise with your condition, you could consider having an iridology and sclerology assessment done, where your iris (colored part of the eye) and sclera (white part of the eye) would be analyzed. These two assessment tools can tell things like food sensitivities, lack of vitamins or minerals, sugar metabolism issues, hormone imbalance and many other health related information. (BTW, I had an assessment done by Lisa, and it was very informative!)

If we eat foods and have bloating, gas, headaches, excess thirst or tiredness, these are all signs that the foods we just ate do not agree with our body! It sounds like your body is very strongly telling you that it doesn’t like flour or gluten.

healthyeffortsFor more information on this or other health related issues, contact Lisa Taylor, Natural Health Consultant, at healthyefforts@shaw.ca or 403.619.3518.