How to Train While Travelling

Surprisingly, it seems a teen-aged travel mate is opposed to public displays of exercise and sweat! Who’d a thunk? So for all those that were looking forward to another airport workout, I’m sad to report that there isn’t one this round. We had a long lay over in Seattle, but managed to go exploring downtown to pass the time rather than make a spectacle of ourselves in the airport.

I did manage to get in a workout everyday in a more traditional setting:

Day 1 and 2db rowpush up

I had a great set of dumb bells and bench to work with here. I used the audio tracks from my e-book to help me time myself and keep things at an intense pace. The ‘Full Body Blaster ‘ was a great way to start the day. I followed it with the ‘Waist Whittling 6 min Ab workout’ that is FREE on this page. On day 2, I still used the audio tracks, but I threw together a workout from the strength and cardio charts available in the e-book.

Day 3

push up 1mtn climbersquatstick ups

In Newport Beach, the hotel gym only had cardio equipment with little space to even do body weight exercises. So I headed back to my room and used body weight exercises along with the 30/05 audio tracks to put together a quick routine:

push ups/mountain climbers/squats/squat jump/stick up (repeat 3 times)

Day 4

On the last day, I was faced with only cardio equipment yet again. I decided a day of intervals on the bike would be a great idea. I was flying home on this day, so I was happy to get a good sweat going and really blast my legs so they would be happy to rest on the plane. Check out this post for ideas on interval training.

Even though my workouts were quick (30-35 minutes), I felt much better as I started my day with a little sweat. I always come with a plan of attack when I travel. I may have a little more experience than you when it comes to training and finding things to do in different settings, but you too can have a plan of attack at home or traveling with Female Fat Loss Over Forty workouts. I’ve designed them so that you do can them in less than perfect settings. You’ll feel better all day for making the small investment in time to take care of your fitness even on holiday!

Never miss a workout with my travel workout plans. You’ll get 20 ‘done for you’ easy to follow workouts HERE.

female fat loss over forty travel workout