Surprise Spice to Help With Belly Fat Loss

What a sweet surprise to find out about the virtues of this spice. Would you believe that this spice can actually help you lose your belly fat? Here are just a few things that this spice can do: It helps control blood sugar levels, maintains insulin sensitivity, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as it’s a powerful antioxidant. What miracle spice could this be? Well it’s cinnamon, plain and simple.

It’s cinnamon’s affect on the body that can aid in belly fat loss by controlling blood sugar levels. The results of a 2003 study published in the medical journal, Diabetes Care, showed that cinnamon taken daily (about ¼ to 1 teaspoon) reduced fasting blood glucose levels by 18-29% after 40 days.

What does this mean? How does controlling blood sugar aid in fat loss? Cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity. So this means that the body will produce less insulin. High insulin levels cause the body to store fat. Obviously, we want to make it harder for the body to store fat. We want to use the energy that we consume rather than put more ‘junk in our trunk’ and cinnamon makes it a little easier.

Add cinnamon to anything to make it tasty. It will to help control your appetite and cravings throughout the day. This will help you to lose body fat more effectively over time.