Female Fat Loss Over 40 Workout (back)

Many of you are looking for a female fat loss over 40 workout. While you workout,  I can’t stress the need for sound nutrition enough, I don’t want you to overlook the need to add lean muscle mass to your body.

Sadly, most women trade muscle for fat as they age. This is the number one reason that metabolism starts to slow down. Muscle is metabolically active tissue. It burns calories even at rest. So with inactivity, you start to lose muscle but usually don’t lose weight to account for the muscle loss. Usually poor nutritional choices will cause you to increase your fat, so that it may seem that your weight is the same, but you have less calorie burning mass on your body (muscle) , and more dead weight (fat).

Check out the link to the video in which I share my favorite muscle building exercises for the back. The back is sometimes overlooked in a workout, and a shapely back is functional and sexy. Happy resistance training!