Success Story #3 Franca’s Journey

Franca has been coming to boot camp for over two years now but  I see less and less of her. You see Franca is close to her goal of losing 100 lbs. Yes, you read correctly, 100 lbs.

franca g 1Franca realized in 2005 that she needed to do something to take care of her health and her weight gain. At that point, she found herself at 279 lbs. Rather than feeling sorry for herself, she took action. She joined Curves and slowly started to incorporate exercise into her daily routine. This was an excellent starting point for her as it was a gentle, non-threatening way to ease her body into a routine. She added lots of walking and modified her eating. Some general rules for Franca included cutting out ‘white food’, not eating after 7 pm and adding lots of fruits and veggies. Of course she cut out the junk but still has a ‘little chocolate’ every day.  She says the first 60 lbs fell off.

franca g 2Soon she found that she needed to rev up the intensity of her workouts. She joined the Calgary NW Fit Body Boot camp and rarely misses. Her fitness level has sky rocketed along with her fat loss. It’s interesting to see that as she gets closer to her goal weight, her weight loss is slower, but she continues to lose inches.

Here are some interesting facts: Franca lost 73.8 lbs in 3 years, but only lost 17.5 inches. Once she incorporated boot camp in this last year she has lost 19.8 lbs but a whopping 12.75 inches. Clearly, her exercise routine is helping to shape her body.

franca 4Franca is an inspiration. She is positive and motivated and says that if she can do it, anyone can. I think she makes it sound a little easier than it actually is, but it goes to show you that if you’re motivated and support yourself with the right crowd, anything is possible. Fit Body boot camp is the right crowd for Franca.

PS. A secret source mentioned what a positive influence Franca has had in her work environment. She has prompted many around her to follow in her fitness and fat loss foot steps!

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