Exercise Bloopers

Want to avoid making these mistakes? You’ll get all the direction you need here.

Have you ever done any of these bloopers?

  1. Having no variety. Doing the same workout week in and out can lead to fitness plateaus, boredom and overuse strain or injury. On top of that, you won’t make the progress that you hope for. Mix up your activities.
  2. Doing all or nothing. Not having a full 30-60 minutes to exercise is no reason to skip your workout. Even 10 minutes of exercise is beneficial.
  3. Setting unrealistic goals. Impractical goals can lead to exercise dropout, or possible injury. Set a small goal along your fitness journey and ‘celebrate’ as you meet each one.
  4. Not warming up. Before every workout, warm up by using the movements you’ll be doing in the workout. Move all joints in their range of motion to help avoid injury.
  5. Not cooling down. Allow your body to recover gradually by doing your warm-up in reverse, gradually slowing your pace. Spending a few minutes at the end of your workout with some gentle stretching will aid in increasing your flexibility.

You can avoid these bloopers and rev up your fitness and fat loss efforts here.