Success Story #1 Amanda Bell

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Amanda was a little shy when she first started boot camp in June 2008. At that time she had started a weight loss program and knew that she needed to add exercise to her routine to improve her health and to maintain and support her weight loss. She got so much more than she bargained for with her daily boot camp workouts. To date she has lost 65 lbs and too many inches to count. She’s gained confidence and energy for life. She has maintained her weight loss for well over a year and the surprising thing is that as she continues to train, she is still losing inches and changing the shape of her body.

Amanda describes the biggest benefits to her new found fitness lifestyle as an increased energy level, decreased stress levels with no bouts of depression. She says her confidence level has increased to the point that she feels like she can conquer anything she puts her mind to now.
She finds time for fitness as she would breathing and sleeping, ‘it’s just a necessity’ she says. If she doesn’t workout, she’ll do something active on her own like a walk outside, always finding a way to get movement into her day.

Here’s how she describes her experience at boot camp:
Boot Camp is more then a workout! It’s a family of hard working individuals who give support to each other. I have found my space in this giving, loving family about a year ago. I do not see Shawna as a “Drill Sergeant” but rather a leader. A leader, with her caring guidance has given me results both physically and emotionally. With the Shawna’s encouragement and the rest of the group I have gained so much more then work out: confidence and a higher level of self esteem. I leave each work out with a smile on my face. Knowing I have a place to go where I feel I belong and valued member of a supportive group. Thank you so much to Shawna and her loving boot camp family!

What’s her advice to anyone considering taking the plunge into fitness? “Do it!! You won’t regret it. Try different activities to find the one that works for you and you enjoy. Your body will thank you for it and you will add years on to your life.”

Fun Facts about Amanda:
Favorite workout: TRX, I Flow, Kickboxing and wall climbing
Favorite food: sun dried tomato pesto chicken and Turkey Chili
Least favorite exercise: sprinting
Go-to Cheat food: chocolate and cookies
Favorite outdoor activity: skiing and hiking

Thanks for sharing your story Amanda! You’re an inspiration to others as you pursue your healthy and active lifestyle.

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