No Space Home Workout

It’s getting near the holidays and I know you need some support for a few home workouts. Here’s a great workout you can do in very little space with no equipment. You’ll have 4 exercises to do: Y squat, pushup, split stance squat (lunge left/right), and a renegade row (push up/pull up). You could substitute the renegade row with a DB deadlift if you had dumb bells. The great thing about the renegade row is that it works the core and triceps at the same time and feel free to add your dumb bells here if you have any. Finish the set with a high intensity stationary sprint, but you can always substitute your favorite indoor cardio move (like a mountain climber-I know it’s your favorite!).

Now it’s your turn…COMMENTS PLEASE!! I know you’re out there! What else do you need over the holidays to keep you moving?