Boot Camp Training Put to the Test!

Today I had the opportunity to do a VO2 Max test at Fit Metabolism with Jason Hagen. Campers will be happy to know that Jason had a bucket at the ready and I was close to using it. (Nice for you to see the tables turned…) Jason knows physiology, fitness and nutrition like no other. I knew I was in good hands with him as he promised I wouldn’t have the ‘big one’ on the treadmill.

I’ve never done anything like this test. I was really nervous starting; I thought that I may embarrass myself by getting a score of a decrepit old lady. After all, I’m definitely not a cardio junkie by any stretch. I am a true gym rat and incorporate short sessions of HIIT (high intensity interval training) 3-4 times a week.I wondered how I’d feel and considering my stubbornness, wondered what would possess me to push the red button to stop the test. As it turns out, I may be stubborn, but I’m hooked on oxygen and lack there of made pushing that button pretty easy. Jason and his assistant, Erin, cheered me on as they knew when I’d fail based on the readings on the metabolic cart. They pushed me to my max and then counted me down an additional 15 seconds.

I was pleasantly surprised with my results; my cardiovascular fitness level far exceeded my expectations. An outstanding score for a fit 13 to 19 year old is 41.9 ml/kg/min, my score was 45.6 ml/kg/min. This test indicates that at 46 years of age, I have the cardiovascular fitness level of an athlete half my age. This tells me that my training techniques are sound in not only maintaining an age appropriate cardiovascular fitness level, it actually makes me ‘younger’. That is, my cardio fitness level is that of a much, much younger person (I’m no teenager even though my fitness level would indicate so). The good news is that I’m YOUR guinea pig: all the workouts I give you, I’ve done myself. So, by doing my boot camp style workouts, you will also turn back the hands of time where your cardiovascular system is concerned.

I’m really impressed with Jason and Fit Metabolism. If you’re at all interested in your cardiovascular fitness level and corresponding biological age, this test is well worth it. This isn’t the only test offered at Fit Metabolism. The next test I’m going to go in for is the RMR, or resting metabolic rate. This test uses technology to determine exact caloric requirements. I’ll tell you all about this when I take it.

Jason has incredible success with his clients, many of them boot campers. He uses this technology and more to help clients reach their ideal weight. If you are wondering how your metabolism is working and how to get into the shape of your life, Jason will get you there. Of course, Jason will encourage you to continue boot camp as he supports your nutritional program.

You can reach Jason at Fit Metabolism: 403-452-0900 or