The Secrets to Burn Lower Belly Fat

One of the biggest problems today is that a lot of people who want to burn lower belly fat are not particularly aware about the ways to go about it. They attempt to do some exercise, but without any direction, they make no progress. This can be demoralizing and ultimately leads to the person giving up any further attempts to burn lower belly fat.
Only the experts will tell you that losing fat only from a specific region in the body is not possible, though you can get rid of it, you’ll have to ensure that the overall fat composition in your body also goes down. In other words, you cannot spot reduce. You can do a sit up until you’re blue in the face and your belly will look the same.
There are a few exercises that are highly recommended for people trying to burn lower belly fat. To begin with, cardio exercises along with strength training will help you. More specifically high intensity interval training alongside body weight resistance training is the best way to burn lower belly fat. In these types of workouts you constantly change the intensity of the workout and you will get your metabolism revving. An example of changing intensities is starting with a jog and then doing a minute of sprint. You could break up your cardio intervals with strength training sets. In this way you’ll get better results in a shorter span of time.
Another great way to burn lower belly fat is by strength workouts that target a larger muscle group as well as multi joint exercises. Squats, presses, push ups and others can be of great help to burn lower belly fat. Often these full body metabolically taxing exercises get overlooked when the goal is to burn lower belly fat.
While you do all the workouts it is also crucial that you eat healthy food. Maintaining a nutritionally dense diet is of utmost importance. This does not mean to starve yourself. Break up your meals into 5-6 over the course of the day. Eat a combination of healthy fat, complex carbohydrates and lean protein in every meal. With all above mentioned steps you’ll find better results for your losing that lower belly fat in no time!

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Submitted by ‘Jenny H’