The Necessity of Workouts for Women Over 40

Many women tend to develop an apple shaped figure with an increased hip, pelvic and abdominal girth as they age. This can be really concerning for health reasons and for aesthetic reasons too. The trend has become all the more prominent with the sedentary lifestyle of many women and hence women over 40 workouts have become a necessity.

At this age, you should pay special attention to your diet as there is little room for error. What was once a 2 lb weight gain from a binge weekend is no longer a quick weight loss the following week. Weight seems to just hang on, no matter what you do. The best way to stay fit and in shape is by implementing sound nutritional principles and short, intense workouts. These workouts need to be strenuous enough to challenge the body, but not so hard that they will cause injury or undue soreness.

Long, boring cardio is ineffective and undesirable. Interval intensity workouts are great for women over 40 workouts. Moreover you can also opt for weight training and body weight resistance training. These exercises will not only ensure that you can stay fit after 40, but well beyond.

There are the beginnings of many hormonal changes that occur in a female’s body after she turns 40 and hence women over 40 workouts should be implemented patiently. The body will not respond to the exercises and the workouts as easily and as rapidly as it used to in your 20s. Hence it is very important that you are persistent and patient; you cannot give up your regime because you do not find a difference in a week’s time. You should start to see progress in a few weeks. So keep away from the ‘get slim overnight schemes’ as they are absolutely unhealthy and not recommended.

Every woman wants to look and feel young and you can do so if you adopt the necessary women over 40 workouts and can stick to the program.

You won’t go wrong with the Female Fat Loss Over 40 workout program.

Submitted by ‘Jenny H’