An Easy to Adopt Belly Fat Burning Workout

The biggest excuse that most people have for their increasing belly fat is “no time” to exercise. Well, you might be a very busy person but taking time for your health is a must. Even if you can spare a few minutes every day you can adopt an efficient belly fat burning workout.

One of the first things that you can include in your belly fat burning workout regime is skipping. A lot of weight trainers and professional body building coaches advocate this regime as it is a good way to exercise the entire body. You can include just a couple of minutes of skipping in your belly fat burning workout. Another easy to follow workout includes high intensity interval training with sprinting or jogging. You can change the intensity of your workouts and get the best results. Just ensure you either get a jog-sprint combination for at least 5 minutes daily.

Weight training is also important as this can raise your metabolism. This is done by increasing lean muscle mass. Muscle is active tissue and burns more calories at rest compared to fat.  A minimum of two days of weight training is beneficial to include in your belly fat burning workout. Of course, you’ll need to maintain a healthy diet to further your goals of fat loss.

Another option is to include body weight training. Using your body just like resistance training and can help burn a lot of calories and build muscle mass as well.

With just 10-15 minutes workout everyday and the right kind of exercises you can burn enough calories to lose your belly fat. You should be patient because even with high intensity workouts it requires a little time to get the desired belly shape you want. You can be sure that with regular and dedicated efforts you’ll be able to make the most of the belly fat burning workouts.

Submitted by ‘Jenny H’