A Few Great Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

A lot of people often wonder about exercises that can help them to get rid of their belly fat. While most think that it is only the most intense heavy weights that work well, the truth is a somewhat different. There are a lot of fat burning cardio workouts that can be easy to follow and effective at the same time. You can do them easily without having to purchase a lot of expensive equipment. Below are three of the most easy to do fat burning cardio workouts that you can start today to burn lose your belly fat:

Jumping rope: You might feel that it’s just a child play, but the results obtained from jumping rope are quite amazing. It is one of the most effective fat burning cardio workouts as it works many muscles at the same time. You can be sure that even 5 minutes of rope jumping can be a very effective fat burning cardio workout that you can do daily.

Alternating step-ups: Another easy to do fat burning cardio workout is alternating step-ups that can be performed on a single step; you can also purchase an aerobic step for this. The exercise is quite simple. You need to alternate your steps, up and down and with the increase in speed you’ll be able to ensure a more effective fat burning cardio workout. You can add to this exercise by adding arm swings or by holding some weight in each hand to intensify the workout. You can change the pattern of steps as well; step onto the step forward (toe first) and step onto the step backwards (heel on first) for variety and to change the muscles that you’re working. Add some music and you’ll have a fun, calorie burning workout.

The Punching bag: Again, not many people think that bag punching can be an effective fat burning cardio workout, but boxing like a boxer can burn quite a few calories. Another great thing about this exercise is that it is not boring. You are constantly involved in a fight like regime that keeps you on your toes and also turns out to be an effective fat burning cardio workout.

Submitted by ‘Jenny H’