Female Fat Loss Over 40 (more cardio options)

Female fat loss over 40 can be a challenge for even those ladies not in their 40’s. It’s never too soon or too late to get started with a fitness plan.

My favourite cardio options include short intense bursts rather than lower intensity lengthy sessions. Check out the video linked to this post for some great choices.

One of my fav workouts includes forward and backward hill sprints. I sprint up the hill and then jog down it. Then I do sets of push ups and knee ins. The next set I’ll sprint up backwards and jog down and again repeat the push up and knee in set. I’ll repeat this for up to ten sets total.

The beauty of this sort of workout is that it’s short and sweet. As well, I include upper body strengthening and toning exercises any chance I get so that I can build lean muscle mass.

Your best muscle building and fat reducing plan will include high intensity interval training with exercises such as the ones demonstrated in the video linked.