Female Fat Loss Workout (the butt)

Here’s a female fat loss workout that you’re sure to enjoy. It targets the most trouble some area for women: the lower body and specifically the butt. Many women are afraid to do squats and lunges for two reasons.

The first is that they fear that it will do damage to their knees. If you think you can’t squat, you’re wrong; you squat every day when you sit down and stand up. It’s a very functional movement. The best way to protect the knees is to, in fact, squat to a depth that is pain free. I advocate a full squat, but if this isn’t possible due to knee pain, at least squat to the depth that you can. In this process, you will strengthen the quad and ham muscles.

The second reason that women fear the squat and lunge, is that they fear that their legs will get ‘too big’. This is flawed thinking. If only it were so easy to gain muscle. If your legs are getting too big, I suggest you look at your diet, this is the most likely cause that your thighs are larger.