Female Fat Loss Workouts (the obliques)

Are you interested in female fat loss workouts? And losing that muffin top? You’ll want to include some HIIT. That stands for high intensity interval training. This is when you get your heart rate elevated to close to your maximum rate and then bring it down to a lower level. Rather than sustaining a moderate heart rate elevation for a longer period. By this I mean, you could do a run-walk series when you get your heart rate up for the run, then slow down for a period of walking as opposed to doing just a walk alone or slow jog.

In addition to high intensity interval training, you may want to include some tummy toning exercises to address that muffin top. You can check out this video here to see some of my favorite oblique exercises. You’ll see toe touch, side plank and side crunch. I’ll show you the proper form and some tips to ensure that you hit those obliques.