Shawna Kaminski (no impact HIIT workout)

I’m Shawna Kaminski and my passion is to help you with your fitness and fat loss. I know what it feels like to feel good in my own skin and I want nothing else than to help you.

I have a ton of hands on experience with my boot campers. I’ve been ‘in the trenches’ as a fitness trainer for more years than I care to count. But what’s more important is that I’m living a parallel life with you. I’m experiencing all the same issues that you are since I, too, am a woman in my forties. Late forties for that matter. I know what you’re experiencing since I am going through it all too.


I’ve found many answers and one of them is exercise. In the linked video you’ll find one of my favorite non-impact high intensity interval training workouts. I know that many of us at this age have a delicate bladder and all that jumping around isn’t necessarily the most comfortable thing to do (bladders, knees, shins…I could go on…). In any case, give the workout routine in the video a try. It’s  a great start to fitness for you.