Be “better” not “bitter”

Attitude is the difference between getting “better” or getting “bitter” as the old saying goes.


Look, there’s nothing new under the sun.


There’s a real trend I’m seeing in some people to believe their injury/niggle/ache is unique – that no one else before has experienced this level of pain or discomfort.


Trust me, after 20 years in this business, nothing much is new or unique.


To be fair, until we experience real sickness that stops us doing what we want, it can be hard to understand how limiting that sickness or injury can be.  And that can certainly mess with your head.


But for every person who lies down on the floor (so to speak) and wallows in their situation, there is actually someone out there who has it worse, who gets up every day and gets stuff done, regardless.


Some people have implied that I’m a bit of a hard arse and can lack empathy at times, hmmm, maybe!  But I’m not a fan of giving in and giving up, I can’t see the point in it.


Straight after Christmas I was diagnosed with severe anaemia (super low iron and haemoglobin) which effectively robbed me of all my energy and put the brakes on my training (gasp, shock!) and in fact, stopped me doing anything much active.


Low iron comes with a whole bunch of symptoms like severe bruising, insomnia, brain fog, mood swings, weight gain, and of course exhaustion.


I was outraged.  How rude!  How dare my body let me down in this manner.


With no lovely oxygenated red blood cells to drive my exercise, walking up the stairs became a fitness chore.  I haven’t trained at Crossfit for 2 months and I’m just starting to lift weights again.  My body is currently an alien thing to me, and my attitude has not been super positive.


After 7 weeks of eating rare steak and popping iron pills my energy is no better, even worse on occasion.  And having NO patience at all, I can’t understand why I’m not better yet!


Now in the context of life, low iron just shouldn’t rate.  Not compared to the conditions, syndromes, diseases, and injuries that are rampant.  But hey, it’s stopping me doing what I want to do, so if I want to sulk, I will – bring on the negative attitude!


That was until I saw this quote posted by one of our rockstar Shawna 247 members.

Well, that was a kick in the pants for my self pity.


We always have a choice.


To wallow or to get on with it.


To make our pain “our story”, and get invested in that story, and let it be the only thing that defines us.


There is ALWAYS something you can do.  I can’t Crossfit at the moment, but I can use kettlebells.  I can’t lift super heavy weights, but I can keep squatting if it’s not too heavy.  I can’t run….. haha, that was a joke, I NEVER run.  And I can still box if I pace myself carefully (60 seconds of awesomeness then 3 minutes recovery where I gasp for air lol).


There’s looking after yourself when your body needs healing and then there’s shutting down and doing nothing.  I have a real issue with the latter.


Stopping all physical movement affects your mood, your confidence, your waistline, your interaction with others, and does you no favours at all.


If all you can do is walk a little or ride a bike slowly – then do it.  Just do something. And I’ve recommended this program to a lot of my clients who need a more gentle approach to their exercise.


You’ll be a whole lot better for it.  Think better not bitter.  And if your hear me complaining, feel free to slap me upside the head 🙂