Workouts for Beginners

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, it can seem overwhelming and intimidating to start over again.  Especially if you’ve got injuries that you need to be careful with and you’re just not confident with what you’re doing.


Sometimes, it seems that the after-workout soreness isn’t worth it – you feel so stiff and sore after that first workout that it’s hard to motivate yourself to keep moving.


Exercising isn’t a one size fits all proposition.  You might feel strong in some exercises and then feel hopelessly weak in another.  If you’ve come from a sedentary background you might find that any balance work is tough and that your core and abdominals are somewhere back in the 1990’s!


Let’s make it easy on you and take this exercise thing right back to basics.  And in the interests of getting you focused on the important stuff – getting moving! – we’ll show you EXACTLY how with a full follow along video straight from the 20 Minute Anti-Aging Solution for Her program.


Starters Program Workout B: (2nd of 3 workouts for beginners)


Equipment:  Chair, Low Step, Resistance Bands, Dumbbell
Duration: Allow for 20 minutes including warm-up

10 reps of each exercise.  

Step downs from low step (10 per side)

SB Wall Squats (or Chair Squats)

Wall Superman with Alternating Leg Lifts (10 per side)

Total Body Extensions

Resistance Band Rows

Stepping Jacks ( 10 per side)

Wall Pushups

Farmers Walks Left – 20 seconds*

Farmers Walks Right – 20 seconds*

Seated Double Leg Lifts

Rest for 30 seconds at end of circuit and repeat up to 4 times.


We’ve modified the workout so there’s no getting up and down off the floor but you can progress this a little if you feel stronger, to do any planks or pushups against a lower surface; you might prefer to use a higher step with step downs for greater challenge; and the load you use with those sneaky little Farmers Walks is up to you – these can be TOUGH when holding a heavy weight!


You can progress or regress this workout by making the intervals of work shorter or longer according to your fitness.  20 seconds will be a lot easier than 30 seconds and going up to 45 seconds of work might be just enough challenge to spice it up for you.  And of course you can choose the number of repeats that suits you.  If you last worked out in Year Dot – then start with just one circuit and practise your technique and good form.  Gradually add on another repeat per week.


If you’ve exercised before but just need to be careful coming back from injury – then shoot for several repeats monitoring how well you recover.


We’ve designed this workout to include balance challenges as well as core and functional movement.


You might even enjoy sharing this workout with a friend or family member who would benefit from an entry level style workout.


You can find 3 Starters Workouts and 9 Intermediate Workouts in the 20 Minute Anti-Aging Solution for Her program.

No-one wants to get “old” before they absolutely have to and these workouts are designed to keep you moving with age-appropriate exercise as well as nutrition tips.  You’ll get a whole bunch of bonus reports and anti-aging tips for women, along with nearly forty videos in the entire package!  We take you by the hand and lead you every step of the way.

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