Q & A – Overcoming Challenges


Kathy asked this question:  Just started your program a few weeks ago, have been inactive for over three years due to a tumor in my head, the steroids I was on and complications. Had surgery a little over a year ago to remove tumor and lost sight in left eye. So my body isn’t as flexible as I would like it to be and balance can sometime be an issue. How can I get flexibility back and what workouts would be best for this. The food plan is easy enough have actually been eating this way for about two months now, weight is coming off but slowly so I think the big issue may be the exercise. I sweat pretty well but worry about correct form due to the flexibility issue.   Lisa Answered:  Kathy, what a huge couple of years you’ve had!  What a challenge to deal with a tumour, and lose the sight in one of your eyes but to keep on training – that’s inspiring!  You’ve got a big project in front of you no doubt, because your body has to relearn it’s position in your space (proprioception) without the sight of your left eye.  And that’s just a time and practise issue. In terms of correct form – the follow along videos will teach you how to move correctly and execute the various exercises with good form.  If you’re not sure how you’re actually executing the movements, try and train with a mirror, initially at least.  Watch your form and don’t make assumptions about how you’re moving.  Have someone in your household or a friend video some of your movements so you can check for yourself (most people see video as intimidating but focus on your form as if you were watching someone else – this is a technical exercise!). You might like to have a support close by when trying some of the single limb exercises like 1 leg Romanian deadlifts.  Use the back of a chair or bench of a suitable height.  In terms of flexibility – take the time after each workout to stretch out your body.  You could use a foam roller or simple stretches of the worked muscle groups.  Any of the Female Fat Loss over 40 workouts will work you in terms of mobility and flexibility and assist with your weight loss goals, concentrate on executing each movement with full range of movement.  If you’re squatting, practise getting deeper into the squat – if you’re doing pushups, focus on getting chest to floor. This may take time, but it sounds like you’re a fighter and prepared to do the work!  I also understand that continued use of steroids contributes to stiffness of the joints, so this may also be a question of time as your body adjusts to the new, healthier steroid-free you.  Using your body as it’s meant to be used will slowly help you regain your previous flexibility if not more. Eric Wong has a program that I particularly like “Hip Flexibility Solutions” which could be very useful for you to work through your pelvic and lower body flexibility issues which in turn supports spinal mobility.  Hope this helps!

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  Arlis asked this question:  I do a different workout every day (5 days a week) from the 40+ library. Is that enough variety?   Also, will just doing the 40+ exercises each morning get me lean? I eat clean 90% of the time between1300 and 1800 calories a day. I try to add an extra activity in each evening, a walk, bike ride, roller skating, mowing the lawn, probably at least 3 evenings a week. I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes , I battle with night flashes I have had 2 myomectomies and then a hysterectomy and knee pain I take no meds, trying to manage everything with how I eat. And I’m following guidelines for eating to prevent diabetes. Trying to lose fat in belly and thighs.  I store my fat on my lower body in particular.  Thank you for this program, it is a Godsend. Previously I was doing 1 1/2 hours on the elliptical and getting nowhere. Lisa Replied:  We’re glad you love the program! Yes, those pesky ellipticals will get you nowhere fast, well done for choosing to work smart!  You’ve got quite a few different health issues happening there so I’m assuming you’ve had some specific hormonal issues that may well have contributed to some of those fat stores.  Have you had your hormone levels measured?  And if so, how frequently do you have that done?  It helps to establish a benchmark and then measure every 6 months or so, especially around 50 years of age as we well know, that’s the age when hormones come out to play. You’re bang in the middle of your healthy weight range so I’d be concentrating more on your exercise and continue with your healthy eating rather than eating for weight loss.  Your nutrition needs to comprise of loads of multi coloured veggies, heaps of water, low glycaemic index carbs, and good quality lean proteins.  If you’re eating appropriately to battle pre-diabetes you should be seeing much more stable insulin blood work. Have a look at the weights of the dumbbells you’re using in your workouts.  The Over 40 workouts have loads of variety in them already so you’ll want to mix up your bodyweight and weighted workouts and CHALLENGE yourself both the choice of progressions in your exercises and how heavy you’re lifting.  If you’ve been using the same weights for months on end, it’s time to step it up and lift heavier.  If an exercise calls for 10 reps of squat and press – then make sure the 10th rep is HARD!  Don’t just go through the motions, push yourself – that’s what makes the difference in your body and your body composition. After that, it’s all about consistency!  If you’d like a little more variety in your workouts and you’re ready for more accountability in your diet, you could try the 21 Day Diet Challenge – it’s paleo-style eating is perfect for addressing high insulin levels and reducing belly fat quickly and safely.

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