Airport Workout!

A promise is a promise! I’ve been talking to myself for six months now on this blog and I’m so thrilled that you shy people have finally given me some feed back! So many of you tell me you read everything I post, but until now, I would never have known. I just keep posting in the hopes that I’ll get you to comment. So, you made the effort so I thought I’d better get you another mini-workout ASAP.
I’m currently in Orlando Florida with the big wigs in fitness info marketing. I had to find a way to get in a workout to post for you so I found a helpful stranger to work my flip cam. Yes, I made a scene, and yes, I would have embarassed my kids or anyone else travelling with me, but I really don’t care-a promise is a promise! You can train anywhere really, even if it causes a bit of a scene.
This is a descending set of 10 reps to 1 of each of the exercises: squat jumps (or squats), push ups, burpee/push up and mountain climbers. Try not to rest between sets. You’ll be drenched in sweat in no time. Aren’t you glad you didn’t sit beside me on the plane??
Now it’s YOUR TURN!! Ask me a question, post a comment, anything so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself! I’ll get more content up if I hear from you. I know you’re out there, now don’t be shy!