Best Way to Start (Your Workout)

Getting started can be the hardest part. Once you’re warm, you can do anything you put your mind too! Let me help you get moving with a full body warm up. I’ve got a full length follow along instructional video to send your way (no strings attached). If you’re super busy & only do the … Continued

Are You Warming Up Properly?

I know your time is tight…But do NOT skip your warm up! In fact, if you have no time to workout, just do a 5 minute full body dynamic warm up and you’ll feel better for having done a little something. A dynamic warm up means that you move your limbs and joints through a … Continued

Warming Up? DON’T Do This

Stop stretching BEFORE your workout. Static stretching is ineffective since muscles are cold and joints aren’t lubricated. Save the static stretches for the END of your workout once your joints and muscles are warm. Instead, do ‘dynamic’ stretches to get your body ready to exercise. Move your body through ranges of motion to bring blood … Continued

Sore Muscles? Do This

Sore muscles? Need a break from your workouts? Self massage with a foam roller is a lifesaver. Full disclosure: I’m a ‘recovering over-trainer’ so this is my ‘go to’ when I want to workout but need to rest. My muscles thank me (even tho they sort of hate me when I’m rolling over the ouch-y … Continued