How to Lose Weight Without Eating Less

Want to lose weight without eating less? Do you have 15 minutes? Be honest, how much time do you spend on social media or Netflix? If you devoted those 15 min to a daily walk, you can do an additional 1500 steps daily. This could make the difference between being in a calorie deficit or … Continued

The ‘Compound Effect’ of Small Actions

Consider the ‘compound effect’ of small actions. Walking 15 min per day could add up to almost 25000 calories burned in a year. This is the easiest way to lose 6lbs or more (if nothing else changes). Or consider sleep… Going to bed 10 min earlier at night could add up to 70 extra minutes … Continued

Menopause Weight Loss Hack

Weight loss only occurs in a calorie deficit, but instead of eating less, why not do more? Enter NEAT: non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This includes walking (& all the other active things you do in your day). Simply adding more daily steps can create a calorie deficit while eating more. It’s win-win: -you get to eat … Continued

Hack to Lose Weight Without Eating Less

Wanna lose weight but don’t want to lower your calories? Good! Lowering calories is NOT the most effective weight loss tool. Burning more calories is! And a simple way to do that is simply by increasing your steps. There are so many walking benefits, including: -easy on the joints -boosts immune function -help lower blood … Continued