Too Tired to Workout? Solution

You can always find a reason to skip a workout. Me too! I felt too busy & too tired to workout this day, so I implemented the ’10 minute rule’. The deal is that you do 10 minutes of movement & then either give yourself permission to skip out or (more likely), finish the workout … Continued

Solution to Mindless Eating

So proud of one of my coaching clients who reported that she implemented the 10 minute rule and HALTSS…. Wonder what that is? The 10 minute rule really just makes you PAUSE before giving into temptation – this works really well when food is calling your name. Instead of immediately giving in – set your … Continued

Motivation is NOT Enough

Don’t blame yourself for losing motivation.   Motivation is over rated and it’s not even close to enough to helping you reach any goal you set for yourself.   Motivation is NOT the problem.   Let me clear something up before we start talking about motivation, or you lack there of…   Where health is … Continued