No Excuses – Do Anywhere Workout

Here’s a sample of a 5 exercises that you can ‘do anywhere’. Exercises: Jump rope (double unders or single skips) DB snatch Toes to bar Push up Pistol squat (or bodyweight squat) No jump rope? Do squat jumps. No DB? Do a burpee. No pull up bar? Do a hollow rock or spider crawl. Pistol … Continued

10 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Not much time to workout? No problem. Even if you only have 10 minutes, this is an ideal full body workout. This seems like a simple enough workout, but trust me, you’ll get a sweat on with a quickness. All you need is your body weight, a timer and a jump rope (or swap in … Continued

Airport Delay Workout….

What do you do when your flight is delayed 4 hours? Obviously bust out your jump rope… I couldn’t sit another second. Delay after delay in the San Fransisco airport had me and the rest of the passengers frustrated. Many succumbed to the water, ‘Cheez It’ and ‘Famous Amos’ cookies offered to us after our … Continued

40+ and Sore Knees? [Solution]

Sore knees? Many women tell me that they can’t exercise because they have sore knees….is this you? The fact is, you need your knees to be strong and healthy. It’s not just about exercise, it’s about being functional. You’ll want strong legs for more than exercise, you’ll want strong legs to be able to sit … Continued

Workout Consistency Solution!

Do you have a hard time staying consistent with your workouts? Women are the caregivers of the world! We take care of others often before ourselves and this sometimes gets in the way of self care. We need to remember that we can best serve our loved ones when we love ourselves too. Taking a … Continued

Happy Birthday to Me – Challenge

It was my 54th birthday… Back story, when I turned 50, I thought it would be cool to do 50 pull ups in under 5 minutes… …4 years later, I thought I’d try the same challenge (except well, I’m 4 years older so I had to do more pull ups).  I attempted to do 54 pull ups … Continued

Why You Do NOT Need to Do Cardio….

Many women mistakenly believe that they need to ‘do cardio’ to burn fat and to train the cardiovascular system. In an effort to stay fit and lose belly fat, they spend hours ‘jogging’ or doing steady state low intensity exercise on treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes. You couldn’t be further from the truth. While … Continued

Have you taken the stubborn fat test?

  Guest Post from Mauricio – Author of Stubborn Fat Fix Let’s face it, everybody has certain areas of the body in which they lose fat faster from than others. Yet no matter how much exercise and dieting we do, we just can’t seem to lose that list bit of unwanted stubborn fat.   Even … Continued

Best Way to Boost Metabolism

Does metabolism tank at the magic age of 40 or when menopause hits? Let me debunk some myths about metabolism and menopause. (You’ll find an entire master class on this here.) You see, menopause gets a bad rap. In fact, it bothers me when people say they need to ‘cure’ menopause. The truth is, menopause … Continued

Kitchen Lesson About the BEST Fat Burning Exercise

Here’s a kitchen demo to illustrate the BEST belly fat burning exercise. If you had to melt some fat in the kitchen, would you use a candle or a frying pan on the stove top? The answer is obvious. The candle is like doing low intensity exercise like steady state cardio and the frying pan … Continued

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